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almost ready with a new english voice, want to use it with emacspeak

hello robert (both of you), T.V. Raman and others.
I have been working with IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) Mumbai
and CDac Mumbai which is another organisation.
I am almost done with a new english voice built on festival.
it sounds pritty good and the beta will be available very soon.  I
want to know if I will have to compromise the quality by converting it
to flite and eflite for use with emacspeak or is there another way to
do it?
I will like to contribute this voice to the community and it will be a
very good thing for emacspeak users because given the power that
emacspeak has, if there is a very high quality voice to hear the
contents of the desktop, I believe it will be the best thing.
by the way this voice will be working with alsa by default so I
believe having audio icons work at the same time should not be a
any comments?
thanking all.

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