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Hi Krishna,
krishnakant Mane writes:
 > On 25/10/06, Thomas Ward <tward1978@earthlink.net> wrote:

 > I don't want send mail to come into picture because then it becomes
 > difficult for a common man to configure their email services.
I use VM to fetch and send electronic mail through gmail.com.

I  do not open the browser go to gmail.com but use ssl to download
mail from my gmail mailbox. 

Sending mail doesn't necessarily involve sendmail. The simplest
program that I know which does this with TLS verification (which gmail
requires) is `msmtp'.

You will have to add the following in your ~/.emacs:

(setq sendmail-program "/usr/bin/msmtp")

msmtp can be obtained using aptget for debian users and for FC there
are rpm's available.

You should also consider demonstrating listening to BBC using
emacspeak command : `C-e :'.



PS: I am not sure that demonstrating LaTeX using Emacspeak is going to
be a very big hit with your audience  unless you have AucTeX's
font-latex setting up different fonts for different environments and a
multivoice tts reading the LaTeX buffer with Voice Locking on.

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