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On 25/10/06, Kalyan Mukherjea <kalyan.infinity@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Krishna,
> I use VM to fetch and send electronic mail through gmail.com.
hi, belated happy divali to all indians on the list (happy divali raman sir).
> I  do not open the browser go to gmail.com but use ssl to download
> mail from my gmail mailbox.
can you please explain how you do it using emacspeak?  and how vm gets
associated with your ssl downloading?
can I also reply right out of vm to emails coming from gmail using
your procedure?  or as some one suggested, should I go with pop3
whichprobably is even supported by gmail?
> Sending mail doesn't necessarily involve sendmail. The simplest
> program that I know which does this with TLS verification (which gmail
> requires) is `msmtp'.
have you used this too?  if yes then I will be happy to follow your
> You will have to add the following in your ~/.emacs:
> (setq sendmail-program "/usr/bin/msmtp")
is that the only thing needed?  actually this is off topic so please
email me off the list about how I can configure msmtp to send emails.
rather I want to know how I can both send and recieve emails from
gmail.  is it better to use pop3 with vm or ssh?  I am asking this
specifically with reference to doing it within emacspeak desktop.

> msmtp can be obtained using aptget for debian users and for FC there
> are rpm's available.
> You should also consider demonstrating listening to BBC using
> emacspeak command : `C-e :'.
wow! thanks, I will do that.
Please do email me off the list for my ansers Mr. Kalyan.

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