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krishnakant Mane writes ("Re: listing the most user friendly apps with emacspeak."):
> I have a single machine right now running emacs and emacspeak.  so I
> will have to setup fetchmail and emacspeak on the same machine.  by
> the way which mail transfer agent will be best for vm?  I am new to
> all this hence the query.

VM does not care what MTA you use. If you are on Debian, I would do
the following:
Use exim for local delivery and msmtp (the one recommended by Kalyan)
for sending your outgoing mails to gmail via smtp. The reason for exim
is that fetchamil requires a real MTA to be running which msmtp is

When installing exim with apt-get, you will presented with a choice of
your kind of setup. Choose "Local delivery only", which should be all
that is needed. 

Now configure fetchmail to get incoming mail via pop3 from gmail. You
will need something like the following in your ~/.fetchmailrc file:

# Google Mail
poll pop.gmail.com proto pop3 user "<your gmail address>" with #password "<your gmail password>" is <your local username>" here ssl;

Then set up VM to get mail from the local spool-file for your user.

For outgoing mail, configure msmtp and VM according to Kalyan's
instructions. You could also use exim for this but, it is probably
much harder to setup then msmtp because gmail requires authentication
and encryption for sending mail too.

Nothing of the above setup is emacspeak specific, so you can use it with
other mail clients like pine as well.

Best regards, Lukas

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