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Re: listing the most user friendly apps with emacspeak.

I use emms  emms and emacspeak-m-player as my primary mp3, real
etc media interface. emms has the advantage of launching and not
disrupting focus, emacspeak-m-player launches mplayer and gives
you an interaction buffer.


>>>>> "Steve" == Steve Holmes <steve@holmesgrown.com> writes:
    Steve> -----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: RIPEMD160
    Steve> Actually, would you please keep the responses on the
    Steve> list? I am most interested in these developments as I
    Steve> tend to drag my feet when it comes to doing much with
    Steve> Emacspeak due to configuration chalenges.  I find mutt
    Steve> more easy to use but I use Speakup to run that
    Steve> natively of course.
    Steve> I'm still looking for a way to launch files from Dired
    Steve> and still be able to control the launched application.
    Steve> Example: I activate an mp3 file from Dired and say, it
    Steve> launches mplayer.  I right now, cannot control mplayer
    Steve> once it is launched.  Dired still has focus.  Is there
    Steve> any way to get into mplayer and manipulate it and then
    Steve> quit to have control go back to Dired?
    Steve> On Wed, Oct 25, 2006 at 10:12:26PM +0530, krishnakant
    Steve> Mane wrote:
    >> On 25/10/06, Kalyan Mukherjea <kalyan.infinity@gmail.com>
    >> wrote: >Hi Krishna, >I use VM to fetch and send electronic
    >> mail through gmail.com.  hi, belated happy divali to all
    >> indians on the list (happy divali raman sir).  >I do not
    >> open the browser go to gmail.com but use ssl to download
    >> >mail from my gmail mailbox.  can you please explain how
    >> you do it using emacspeak?  and how vm gets associated
    >> with your ssl downloading?  can I also reply right out of
    >> vm to emails coming from gmail using your procedure?  or
    >> as some one suggested, should I go with pop3 whichprobably
    >> is even supported by gmail?  >Sending mail doesn't
    >> necessarily involve sendmail. The simplest >program that I
    >> know which does this with TLS verification (which gmail
    >> >requires) is `msmtp'.  have you used this too?  if yes
    >> then I will be happy to follow your instructions.  >You
    >> will have to add the following in your ~/.emacs:
    >> >
    >> >(setq sendmail-program "/usr/bin/msmtp") is that the only
    >> thing needed?  actually this is off topic so please email
    >> me off the list about how I can configure msmtp to send
    >> emails.  rather I want to know how I can both send and
    >> recieve emails from gmail.  is it better to use pop3 with
    >> vm or ssh?  I am asking this specifically with reference
    >> to doing it within emacspeak desktop.
    >> >msmtp can be obtained using aptget for debian users and
    >> for FC there >are rpm's available.
    >> >
    >> >You should also consider demonstrating listening to BBC
    >> using >emacspeak command : `C-e :'.  wow! thanks, I will
    >> do that.  Please do email me off the list for my ansers
    >> Mr. Kalyan.
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