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Re: audio icons work everywhere except w3m.

hello robert.
thanks for the information.
as I mentioned earlier, I am using the eflite versions that work with alsa.
I knew this was the obvious question since as you rightly pointed out
if the alsa version of eflite is not used, audio icons wont work.
thanks to lucas, I started using the eflite version of alsa since long time.
and I get the beep sound for the audio icons in directory editing mode
when I enter into some directory.  specially when the directory
listing is filled in the bufffer, I get the beep.
further more I also get beep on blank lines.
I have now also solved the indentation problem.
now only problem remaining is with the w3m not beeping when page is loaded.
and talking about tts systems reporting strong text with raise of pitch,
is it possible just like indentation, that some message like "strong
text " is spoken when a user presses some key like c-e m-f or some
thing on some region of text?
for example if a particular line has some bold words, the user is not
informed while non stop reading.  but if he moves his arrow on that
bolded text, emacspeak responds "text is strongly typed".  or "text
has emphesis?"
just an idea may be I am stupid.
but this is how I view it.
any ways first let's get this w3m matter solved.
I will be doing a big seminar for emacspeak in india next week.
so need this help.
thanking all.

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