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Re: setting punctuation mode globally does not seem to stick

Robert D. Crawford writes ("Re: setting punctuation mode globally does not seem to stick"):
> started having a new problem.
> The outloud does not seem to honor the outloud-default-speech-rate.
> Either that, or the outloud starts before the variable is set.  When
> emacs starts, the speech is rather slow, as if the variable is not

Same thing here. Because I start emacs rarely thanks to software
suspend, I did not bother yet to investigate the cause of this.  I
start emacspeak as early as possible in the emacs start process in 


Maybe, it helps setting the speech rate again somewhere towards the
end of .emacs.

About your punctuation problems: You propbably know this already but
at least for w3m, emacspeak sets the punctuation mode to "some" in the
advice for w3m-mode, regardless what the global settings are. Maybe, a
similar things is going on in your case.

Best regards, Lukas

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