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emacs-snapshot and VM

I got an blazingly fas response to my problems with emacs-snapshot and VM from
the emacs-snapshot maintainer. It seems the "problem" is because of new reader
constructs used by the byte compiler in current CVS emacs that really slows
down the compilation process. Although I've not checked this out, I suspect we
may run into the same problem with the compilation of emacspeak. Therefore,
I've included the patch Romain provided for VM, which should also help us
identify what may need to be changed in emacspeak if we encounter the same
slowness in compilation (I'm talking really slow, 90+ minutes to compile VM on
a 3.2GHz dual core system with 1Gb of RAM - I gave up after 90 minutes.)

Patch is below, together with part of Romain's explination. Note I've not yet
applied this patch myself, but will do so sometime in the next couple of days.
Also note that I'm not stating there definitely is a problem with compiling
emacspeak, only that there may be. 



the byte-compiler in Emacs 22 now tries to print recursive structures using
special reader constructs, and there is a noticeable complexity effect when
compiling very large files...

This patch fixes the problem, it simply disables this feature.

--- vm-7.19.orig/vm-byteopts.el
+++ vm-7.19/vm-byteopts.el
@@ -16,6 +16,7 @@
 ;; different v19 Emacses.
 (setq byte-compile-dynamic nil)
 (setq byte-compile-dynamic-docstrings nil)
+(setq byte-compile-disable-print-circle t)
 ;; avoid v20 features because users are going
 ;; to try to share elc files no matter what we tell them.
 (setq byte-compile-emacs19-compatibility t)

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