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Emacspeak Servers On Jaunty: Calling for contrib makefiles

Hi Lukas,

I've applied your jaunty patch, and confirmed that it builds on hardy,
will test jaunty later tonight.

I've also started obsoleting tcleci.so --- and started the process fo
rmoving things to tcl8.4

The linux-outloud directory now only contains two makefiles Makefile
(the to be final makefile with tcl84) and makefile.tcl83 -- which is
the one that works.

The remaining problem to cutting to tcl8.4 is that langspec.cpp
produces warnings under tcl8.3 but errors under tcl8.4

I've removed the --pedantic from CFLAGS to get atcleci.cpp to compile
with warnings; however langspec.cpp still bombs.

Would appreciate it if you could look for   a workaround.

It would be nice to finally move everything to tcl8.4 from a
maintenance point of view.

Thanks for the help and patches,


On 8/23/09, Lukas Loehrer <listaddr1@gmx.net> wrote:
> Hi Raman,
> here is a patch for the mentioned makefile (outloud,tcl83). It builds
> atcleci.so successfully on jaunty. I have not fixed the OSS version or
> tcl8.4
> yet; I will do that if this fix works for others too. Apart from the
> changes I mentioned before, it seems to be necessary to supply the
> -rpath parameter to libtool to actually make it build the shared
> library. I chose the path of "/usr/local/lib" arbitrarily, it does not
> seem to matter what is passed here.
> Best regards, Lukas

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