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Speech dispatcher emacspeak server request for help

Hi all,

As I said in a previous post I am working on a speech dispatcher speech
server for emacspeak.

I have a prototype that works fairly well.  It can be checked
out from:
git clone git://github.com/bartbunting/espd.git

I am running into some trouble whilst trying to implement correct
queueing so that we only send a small amount of text to speech
dispatcher at a time.  This should give more snappy stopping of speech
when large amounts are being spoken.

I have the basic queue working, it is trivial.  However the next step I
was trying to make was to implement a select loop.  My idea was that if
we select on STDIN and something else possibly a pipe I could use speech
dispatcher callbacks and write messages to the pipe when speech
dispatcher is ready for more text.

So the first bit I am trying to get to work is simply inserting the
select call into the main while loop of the server and selecting only on STDIN.

This appears to work but is subtly failing.  When run from the
commandline I can't get it to fail however when running as a server to
emacspeak it appears to enter a state where the latest command isn't

The effect is that for example if you type you hear the next to last key
press or thing spoken.  When I examine the logs I'm producing in
/tmp/espd.log All I can see is that we are waiting on the select loop
and it appears that emacspeak hasn't sent the command yet.  I don't of
course believe that this is the case.

I've been pulling my hair out over this one for a couple of days and
have reached the stage where I'm certain it's something obvious but I so
far haven't been able to find it.

I'm not going to give up but thought I'd ask here if anyone who perhaps
knows python better than I do could take a look and see if I'm just
doing something stupid.

If you have the inclination and time to take a look you can checkout the
"select" branch 
from the git url above and take a look.  Do be sure to try out the
master branch first so at least you get a feel for how it works when it
is working :).



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