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Re: Turning Off voice-lock mode When Emacspeak Starts

Some of this changed between emacs 23 and emacs-24, and some of
the transitional behavior is something Idont remember the details
of; thanks for tracking it down David!
>>>>> "David" == David Tseng <davidtseng@gmail.com> writes:
    David> Actually, it looks like there's an issue with
    David> specifying initial-value in the definition of
    David> voice-lock-mode (the non-globalized version).
    David> If I set initial-value to nil in the definition of the
    David> non-global voice-lock minor mode, then the globalized
    David> voice lock minor mode appropriately toggles the minor
    David> mode for all buffers.
    David> Based on purely anecdotal evidence, it seems that
    David> emacs gives the minor mode toggle precedence over the
    David> global minor mode toggle and somehow doesn't handle
    David> the 4 possible boolean states correctly.
    David> On 12/16/12, Tim Cross <theophilusx@gmail.com> wrote:
    >> Let me just check I understand the problem
    >> You want to turn off voice lock mode, but you do want
    >> emacspeak o continue to vocalize text?
    >> The help text for global-voice-lock-mode states
    >> Toggle Voice-Lock mode in all buffers. With prefix ARG,
    >> enable Global-Voice-Lock mode if ARG is positive;
    >> otherwise, disable it. If called from Lisp, enable the
    >> mode if ARG is omitted or nil.
    >> Note the last sentence. "If called from lisp, enable the
    >> mode if ARG is omitted or nil".
    >> This means, if you have something like any of the
    >> following three statements in your .emacs file
    >> (global-voice-lock-mode) (global-voice-locak-mode nil)
    >> (global-voice-locak-mode 1)
    >> you will ENABLE global-voice-lock-mode. If you want to
    >> disable it, you need to use
    >> (global-voice-lock-mode -1)
    >> Although I have not tried it, I would probably put this at
    >> the end of my emacspeak-startup-hook definition or at the
    >> very least, put it at the end of my .emacs file so that I
    >> can be sure this is run last.
    >> Tim
    >> On 17 December 2012 12:05, Littlefield, Tyler
    >> <tyler@tysdomain.com> wrote:
    >>> this is the same sissue I was having. he wants it to be
    >>> done within startup so he doesn't have to do it every
    >>> time he turns on emacspeak. that global change does not
    >>> save IIRC.
    >>> On 12/16/2012 6:04 PM, T.V. Raman wrote:
    >>>> The following on my Linux box just verified that things
    >>>> work as expected:
    >>>> 1. Go to the scratch buffer 2. type
    >>>> global-voice-lock-mode and evaluate it by pressing C-x
    >>>> C-e if it is on it'll diplay T in the minibuffer.
    >>>> 3. Now, Type "testing" on the next line and confirm that
    >>>> voice-lock is taking effect -- you should hear the voice
    >>>> change; pressing C-e M-v will show the personality and
    >>>> face at point -- do this with the cursor within the
    >>>> string you just typed.
    >>>> 4. Turn off voice lock -- M-x global-voice-lock-mode
    >>>> should display an appropriate message in the minibuffer
    >>>> 5. Cursor back to the line with "testing"and on my Linux
    >>>> box the personality property goes away and you dont hear
    >>>> a voice change.
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    >> Tim Cross

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