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Re: Emacspeak installation information

>From what you say, it's most likely that you've not acquired and
configured your bookshare API key -- see the bookshare section of
the Emacspeak manual.
>>>>> "kendell" == kendell clark <coffeekingms@gmail.com> writes:
    kendell> -----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA512
    kendell> I'd agree with this. The espeak supports needs
    kendell> improvement, as well as emacspeak-bookshare, unless
    kendell> i'm missing some configuration step. I keep running
    kendell> into an error of, bookshare password for nil. I
    kendell> enter the password, and a few seconds later, "Does
    kendell> not look like a bookshare response" I think either
    kendell> bookshare support is broken, or maybe the bookshare
    kendell> API has changed, not sure. Thanks Kendell clark
    kendell> On 09/15/2014 05:31 PM, Alex Midence wrote:
    >> Ubuntu has a deb package fo r emacspeak 38. Also one for
    >> speech. It is already two versions behind. Also, speech
    >> server package runs into trouble because DECtalk express
    >> is still default speech engine. They don't even make it
    >> anymore. Do not know why. It is still the default. E-speak
    >> makes more sense because it is everywhere now
    >> Sent from my iPhone
    >>> On Sep 15, 2014, at 5:21 PM, Florian Beijers
    >>> <florianbeijers@gmail.com> wrote:
    >>> Hi,
    >>> I think it is a matter of inclination more than a matter
    >>> of expertise. A lot of these steps, when I look at them
    >>> as you have listed them here, can be automated perfectly
    >>> easily. Trouble is mainly caused by the distro-specific
    >>> espeak packages and tcl. I am not an expert at this but
    >>> from my point of view it doesn't look too difficult to
    >>> make distro-specific packages (.deb, .rpm) for this and
    >>> write an install script that automates pretty much the
    >>> whole deal. I would do it, but I am currently swamped
    >>> with other stuff and just don't have the time and
    >>> resources to learn and research Bash scripting and distro
    >>> package maintenance ...
    >>> Regards, Florian
    >>> 2014-09-16 0:16 GMT+02:00, Alex Midence
    >>> <alex.midence@gmail.com>:
    >>>> Yes, it's a royal pain to get working. Basically, here's
    >>>> what you have to do:
    >>>> 1. Get the source via svn: $ svn co
    >>>> http://emacspeak.googlecode.com/svn/trunk emacspeak
    >>>> 2. Get the espeak development library packages. (This is
    >>>> distro-specific so, do some digging) 3. Get
    >>>> tcl8.4. 4. cd into the emacspeak directory and as root
    >>>> type make config 5. Type make emacspeak as root. 6. cd
    >>>> into the servers directory and find the linux-espeak
    >>>> directory and cd into it. 7. Now, do a make; make
    >>>> install either as sudo or root. 8. Issue the following
    >>>> environment variable command: Export DTK_PROGRAM=espeak
    >>>> 9. nano /usr/bin/emacspeak 10. Arrow down to bottom of
    >>>> the file and get that -q out of there. Arrow up to the
    >>>> line referring to emacs in unary mode and put a hash in
    >>>> front of it to coment out. Ctrl x and save.
    >>>> After all that, type emacspeak at a command line prompt
    >>>> and all should be well. Those of you shouting and
    >>>> hollering that it shouldn't be this hard are right but,
    >>>> trouble is, no one seems to either have the expertise or
    >>>> inclination to make it easier.
    >>>> -----Original Message----- From: kendell clark
    >>>> [mailto:coffeekingms@gmail.com] Sent: Monday, September
    >>>> 15, 2014 5:03 PM To: Florian Beijers; emacspeak list
    >>>> Subject: Re: Emacspeak installation information
    >> hi Here, here. I run into this issue constantly. I've
    >> actually gotten emacspeak working, kind of, on arch. The
    >> pckage build is unmaintained, and I have to modify the
    >> build script just to get it to build. Then tclx builds
    >> empty binaries, and I have to try to remember what I did
    >> to get it working. Then I can't get daisy mode to work
    >> ... and the cycle repeats. Once I actually get into
    >> emacspeak and get the stuff working, it's phenomenal. The
    >> eloquence support is much g better than espeak, but I
    >> guess that'll get fixed eventually. Emacspeak is a
    >> fantastic concept ... If it just worked instead of
    >> returning with process speaker not working, that's because
    >> of tclx screwing up, by the way. We need good docs, and we
    >> need maintainers of the various distro's emacspeak
    >> packages. Thanks Kendell clark
    >>>>>> On 09/15/2014 04:48 PM, Florian Beijers wrote: Hi,
    >>>>>> I just finished reading through the Emacspeak at 20
    >>>>>> article and entered what I have dubbed my "Emacspeak
    >>>>>> loop" again. This basically consists of me wanting to
    >>>>>> try Emacspeak, building a vm of the latest
    >>>>>> blind-friendly Linux distro out there to save time,
    >>>>>> downloading the latest emacspeak, trying to set it up,
    >>>>>> failing, getting frustrated and giving up. It has
    >>>>>> become a trend for me to wonder what strange, unclear
    >>>>>> error will jump out at me next when I try to configure
    >>>>>> and build Emacspeak. The installation howto that is
    >>>>>> available appears to last have been updated about 12
    >>>>>> years ago and scraping together bits and pieces from
    >>>>>> this list , as well as other blogs, sometimes help me
    >>>>>> enough to actually get a semi-stable instance of
    >>>>>> Emacspeak going if I'm lucky. Now don't get me wrong,
    >>>>>> I really like the concept Emacspeak is trying to
    >>>>>> portray. I am a computer science student myself and
    >>>>>> aim for this to be my chosen career path. I'd like
    >>>>>> Emacspeak to be a part of that, but if I keep having
    >>>>>> to work a day or more to make the system boot up, let
    >>>>>> alone run smoothly, I am wondering where things are
    >>>>>> going wrong. Shouldn't we take a bit of time to make
    >>>>>> this part of the emacspeak experience a little more
    >>>>>> user-friendly? Think of writing up accurate and
    >>>>>> contemporary installation docs? Perhaps change the
    >>>>>> installation script so it actually looks for what
    >>>>>> speech system is currently being used rather than
    >>>>>> making the user manually configure this, just to name
    >>>>>> an example? I like the configurability Emacspeak
    >>>>>> provides. It gives you the opportunity to change
    >>>>>> everything to your liking, but again, this is no use
    >>>>>> to anybody if they can't get the system to work. I've
    >>>>>> recommended Emacspeak to others in the past and more
    >>>>>> often than notwas met with a reply sounding something
    >>>>>> like "Hmm ...yeah I've heard of it and played around
    >>>>>> with it, but I never really got it to work ..." . I
    >>>>>> think this is a shame. The more users Emacspeak has
    >>>>>> the better it can become. Configurability is good, but
    >>>>>> sometimes it's also nice to have a way to quickly get
    >>>>>> things to work. I just thought of something while
    >>>>>> writing this long email, could vagrant not offer a
    >>>>>> solution here? Offer pre-made linux VM's where
    >>>>>> Emacspeak is already configured? I'm just throwing
    >>>>>> ideas out there, because I really think this needs to
    >>>>>> be improved.
    >>>>>> Regards, Florian
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