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Adding servers to the existing list of Emacspeak servers under Ubuntu

That's strange. After you added the entry to .servers, which is
where emacspeak gets its completions from, you may need to reload
the dtk modules -- unless that is you restarted emacs.

Here is where the  code that implements this is:
function: dtk-select-server in dtk-speak.el

You could also try  calling function  tts-setup-server-alist --
just type 
in the *scratch* buffer and hit C-x C-e with point after the  ')'
>>>>> "Victor" == Victor Tsaran <vtsaran@gmail.com> writes:
    Victor> I am trying to add an ssh-* server to the list of
    Victor> existing ones in the .servers file under
    Victor> emacspeak_dir/servers, but when doing this on Ubuntu,
    Victor> Emacspeak ignores my entry and suggests only from the
    Victor> default list. The same procedure works well on Mac OS
    Victor> though.
    Victor> Any idea why?
    Victor> Thanks, Victor

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