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Re: tcl under Solaris

I looked a little more into this.
1) you have the tcl tk packages that you need.
2) On some solaris systems the dtk-exp script fails to
recognize solaris correctly.
The fix (documented in dtk-exp) is to set the environment
variable DTK_OS (all caps)
to solaris (all lowr case).

3) the commands tts_speak and tts_stop were renamed to
shorter one letter versions in 8.0
they are called "q" and "s".
On solaris after setting DTK_OS to solairs in your shell,
launch dtk-exp and do the test as follows:
q {this is a test. }; d
this should speak the string.
then type s for stop and make sure you see the tcl prompt.

Hadi Bargi Rangin writes:
 > > That's impossible because I and many others are using 8.0
 > > with no problem.
 > > tts_speak is definitely defined in dtk-exp --so you're
 > > probably launching the wrong script.
 > Raman, I have no doubt that it works; I know you and many other users
 > are using it without any problem. What I am trying to find out is what
 > I am doing wrong in this installation procedure. the emacspeak package
 > is probably the most recent one because I have downloaded it from your
 > home page. But how about tcl/tk and tclx packages? Are they the right
 > packages?  Is is possible that something is missing on my Solaris
 > machine which is essential for tcl?  Unfortunately, I couldn't find
 > any trace or strace package for Solaris that I could trace where it
 > fails. Do you have any hint or recommendation that I can do to find
 > out where the problem is?
 > Thanks.
 > Hadi
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