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Re: Speak line commands stopping speech at punctuation marks

Hopefully I have solved this problem now.

I had 'agetty' running on the serial port to which the Braille 'n
Speak was connected so that I could use it as a terminal.  I removed
this and it seemed to fix the problem.  Although, I was still getting
some garbage spoken so I did a warm reset on the bns and, so far,
everything is fine.  I have been reading through the emacspeak info
pages with no problems.
For the record, the steps I took were:
1  Comment out the 'agetty' line in my /etc/inittab file so it reads
#s2:12345:respawn:/usr/local/bin/agetty -L -h 9600 ttyS1 vt100

2  rebooting my system.

Note:  I think using 'init q' will do rather than rebooting.

I also performed a warm reset on the bns by holding down all 7 keys
when the unit is powered on.

Once again I am a happy camper!


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