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Re: log of a learning curve 02/14/99

Hi all,

RE tourists in France.  I beg to differ, monsieur.  You  mistake me.  I
wasn't and I won't throw up my hands because I am determined to learn.
What I was doing was explaining why I didn't understand, and asking what
does this mean.  OK, I can learn a different language, but if I order
french fries with rum when I want flambayed apples with rum, you need to
understand that.

I'm not complaining, Raman, I am saying I don't understand.  And, as is my
wont, I am explaining why I don't understand.  As a teacher, I try to
understand why I don't understand.  It's different from just sitting down
in a heap and saying, "I can't!"  I *can*, but if I tell you why I'm not
getting something, that should do two things.  One, it should help you to
help me to understand what I do not, and it should also be an indicator of
how others are going to look at the same thing.  Maybe I need to restate
things better.  I'll try.  But know this my friend, if you keep nudging me,
I may just tell you I want to learn C after I learn Linux.  So there!  If I
decide to learn C, you won't ever get rid of me, cuz then I'll be modifying
and improving all kinds of stuff instead of just tell you all what I think
needs to be done from the layman's point of view.  <grin>

Ann P.

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