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Re: Log of a learning curve, was Re: Log of a newbie /2/16/99

(cc'd to list as its of general interest)

Ann, here's how I would find the answer to your question:

I want to know what the key C-h a does. So I use C-h k to find out:

C-h k C-h a

(cut and paste from the resulting help buffer)
 control h a  runs the command apropos-command
   which is an interactive autoloaded Lisp function in `apropos'.

Show commands (interactively callable functions) that match REGEXP.
With optional prefix ARG, or if `apropos-do-all' is non-nil, also show
noninteractive functions.

If VAR-PREDICATE is non-nil, show only variables, and only those that
satisfy the predicate VAR-PREDICATE.

so the answer? this is for emacs, and anything that is within emacs'
grasp. so that will include emacspeak when it's loaded.

Ann, You might also have a look at the DOS-to-Linux Howto (it's called
something like that.) look in the directory where your documentation
is stored. (this is /usr/doc/HOWTO on Red Hat systems.)

> Will, what I mean is that you can type c-h a and get 'apprepos' (sp)
> help. Is this just for emacspeak?
> Also, I couldn't find the vm docs in the info list.  Hmmmmm, maybe I
> didn't have everything loaded on here?

If you installed vm after starting emacs, then you will have to
restart emacs to get emacs to reread the file that tells info where
everything is. Does anyone else know of a better way?

> <smile>  Yes, I do pay attention when you folks tell me what or how to
> do.  It would be pretty crass of me if I didn't.

:) but not everyone takes your attitude. Keep at it, you're making
lotsa progress.

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