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Re: Emacspeak and Handhelds

I'm interested in a portable network appliance for the visually

Is Emacspeak running on IPAQ?  Do Emacs, ViaVoice Outloud, and other
necessary utilities work on IPAQ?  
Or do you use IPAQ from a remote machine?

Dr. Raman, I would appreciate it much if you could tell me how you use

"T. V. Raman" <tvraman@almaden.ibm.com> wrote:

> Linux runs happily on my IPAQ --uptime says it has been up
> for over 60 days.
> You can always connect a keyboard to the IPAQ if you want
> --or plug it into the serial port of your laptop or
> whatever.

Best Regards,
Takayuki Watanabe

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