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Re: DAISY reader et al

Hi all,

I understand your unwillingness to get into propriatary software,
Raman, but that leaves us in the dust.  

I have tried, for example, to read txt files using emacspeak.  It
works OK, but I have not figured out how to implement the bookmark
feature yet.  I am, as I said, looking for *something* in Linux that
would have the ease and the strengths of Readit.  If you are unwilling
to write code for a DAISY reader, would you perhaps be interested in
writing a text reader whose purpose would be merely to read text files
in a consistent manner, have easily implemented bookmarks, would
return to the latest one automatically, and would possibly have cut
and paste features as well?  

If not, could you suggest ways I might do this in emacs?  

<smile>  Yes, I am willing to read the docs, but where should I look,
and what is it called?  I want to read txt files continuously.  I want
to stop on a dime, and I want to return to that point after exiting
and reentering the book.  

I dunnow about DAISY stuff.  I haven't tried the bookshare stuff yet,
but intend to at some point I guess.  

thanks for reading.

Ann P.

			Ann K. Parsons  
email:  akp@eznet.net 			ICQ Number:  33006854
WEB SITE:  http://home.eznet.net/~akp
"All that is gold does not glitter.  Not all those who wander are lost."  JRRT

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