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Re: DAISY reader et al

At Thu, 16 May 2002 17:26:48 -0400,
Doug Smith wrote:
> Hi, just a couple of questions here. 
> 1. How do you make w3 read a file of HTML on your own machine? 

That one's easy. Hit o when you're in w3, or type m-x w3-mode if you're
inside an html document.

> 2. Where can one get the text versions of the o'riley books? 

> 3. Where can I find this w3m and some information on it? 
For w3m you need two things. The w3m browser which is at
http://www.w3m.org or if you've got debian, just apt-get install w3m.

You also need w3m-el, the emacs interface to the browser. That's at 
Or, again, if you've got Debian apt-get install w3m-el

And finally, you should be using emacspeak 16, if you're not already.

> Thanks for helping me with these questions. 
No problem. Let me know if there's anything else you need to get this
stuff working.

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