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Re: DAISY reader et al

even better suggestion for
browsing files that have some predictable structure --rather
than using global replace first,
just set outline-regexp to a pattern that matches the header
lines and use outline minor mode to browse.

You can set directory specific local variables in file
.espeak in the local directory --and emacspeak will load
that file in view mode.

 >>>>> "Yvonne" == Yvonne Thomson <yvonne@thewatch.net> writes:

    Yvonne> Oh yeah, I forgot to mention in my previous
    Yvonne> message. one of the things I've done when
    Yvonne> reading, for example, books in emacs, is do a
    Yvonne> search/replace for whatever the chapter heading
    Yvonne> is, e.g. if it's chapter 1, do a search for
    Yvonne> chapter with a space after it.

    Yvonne> You replace it with the same text with an
    Yvonne> asterisk or * character in front of it. Put the
    Yvonne> buffer in outline mode and then you can just hit
    Yvonne> ctrl-n to go to the next chapter or ctrl-p to go
    Yvonne> to the previous chapter.

    Yvonne> I use this sttrategy for a few things, including
    Yvonne> reading stuff from a program called sitescooper
    Yvonne> which grabs newspapers and stuff for me. Every
    Yvonne> story starts with a * sign, so I can just skip
    Yvonne> from one to another. So much so that I've
    Yvonne> actually set text mode to automatically have
    Yvonne> outline minor mode set as well.

    Yvonne> This probably isn't actually useful to anyone
    Yvonne> else, since I've been using emacs for so long
    Yvonne> now I've got my own weird ways of doing things,
    Yvonne> but I thought I'd mention it in case. You never
    Yvonne> know, after all, <grin>.

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