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Re: dectalk software with Debian


I hope that the problem will be solved for the other linux packages.
To answer your question, I paid the DECtalk software online with my 
credit card and dowloaded the 400 k bytes tar.gz
The package includes an installer, a few shared libraries (libtts.so and 
libtts_us.so), only one US english dictionnary and a few other files 
(headers, a command line program).
Through my previous emails with the kind fonix team, I was clear about 
my needs : the english and the french beta TTS. So I'm a little bit 
surprised : do I miss something ? Does the US english dictionnary embed 
a beta french part ?
Yesterday , I sent an email to the fonix support.

Just a few words about documentation. This is online : three big pdf 
documents about the windows, linux and unix DECtalk softwares.
I do not need the installation doc, the two others files are required if 
you want to use the C DECtalk API.



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