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Re: question about emacspeak-websearch

At Sat, 27 Sep 2003 15:29:03 +1000,
Tim Cross wrote:
> Hi Yvonne,
> Just to clarify something....
> From your responses, I get the impression you feel your original
> question has caused some sort of trouble or something. I just wanted
> to assure you that I certainly didn't feel anything similar and
> apologise if my response was only telling you things you already know
> and came across as condesending or something. This certainly was not
> the intention. Its often difficult to know at what level to respond,
> especially on this list where we have such a wide range of
> understanding/ability with respect to emacs and emacspeak. 
> Looking back at the thread, I do feel I may have misread what your
> problem was - I don't know if that was because I didn't read it
> closely enough or because your description was not clear enough - I
> suspect it was a combination of both. The main thing which prompted me
> to respond was that it was obvious you had attempted to find a
> solution and that is exactly the type of poster we want to encourage,
> so I thought I'd suggest a couple of possible things to check out and
> some warnings regarding issues you may not have been aware of. 
The truly ironic thing about all this is, to be honest, that the reason
I'm still running emacs and emacspeak, years after I started it, is that
I *can* create  my own solutions. There're now other options for
dealing with linux. When I started, there weren't. I know how to deal
with elisp, not brilliantly, but well enough. When something goes wrong
these days, I can usually either fix it or send a bug report to someone
who can. If something doesn't exist, within reason, I can create
it. Windows wasn't like that. If something went wrong, you lived with
it. You couldn't easily make the operating system do what you want, and
that's what emacs/emacspeak lets me do. I've got a .emacs setup that's a
dream. Everything's at my fingertips and does what I want it to. If it
doesn't, I change it. 

> I hope this experience does not discourage you from using this
> resource as its important and helps build up a valuable archive of
> information others can use. I hope we will see you on this list again! 

Heck, Tim, it's been months or more since I've posted here.
 Usually, it's not necessary. Hopefully, it won't be necessary any time
 soon. I try as much as I can to solve my own computer problems, and to
 think long and hard before asking questions. That's a skill this list
 has tought me, believe me on this one.

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