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Re: can emacspeak properly anounce font attributes in pdf and html?

krishnakant Mane writes ("Re: can emacspeak properly anounce font attributes in pdf and html?"):
> the answer lies in your above statement itself.  will it not be good
> if even blind people create visually appealing documents for sited

If your goal is to produce visually appealing documents, you should
proabably use some mark up based text processor like Latex, texinfo,
docbook or muse. You can even make presentation slides with Latex.
Emacs has support for all of these markup languages. The advantage of
that approach is that you will not have to do much formatting yourself
and that you can produce a bariatey of output formats like postscript,
pdf and html.

If you are into the WYSIWYG way of document creation, you should
probably focus on OpenOffice.org and help the orca and lsr people
making it more accessible.

The approach you mentioned of  converting pdf files to html and
then "proof reading"  them in a browser like w3 seems flawed to me as
you never know how close the HTML will be to the original pdf in terms
of formatting and layout. Even if the formatting and layout
information could be transfered completely from pdf to html, browsers
may sill take the liberty of ignoring some of it according to their
capabilities. I guess what I am trying to say is that browsers, and
especially text browsers, are not very suitable for checking the
visual representation of a PDF file. They are however suitable for
reading its  content after its conversion to HTML.

You mentioned that Insert+f shortcut in jfw. The closest I can think
of to this in emacspeak is "C-e M-v" which will tell you the font face and
voice personality at point.

Best regards, Lukas

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