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  Subject: Re: listing the most user friendly apps with emacspeak.

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You may be doing a bit more work than necessary in your solution.

When in a dired buffer C-e ; should prompt with the current dir,
and you can use completion to pick the file, or hit enter to play
all files in the directory.

The prompting behavior may well be a recent change --- originally
emacspeak-m-player always used the emacspeak/realaudio directory
as the starting point 
>>>>> "Lukas" == Lukas Loehrer <listaddr1@gmx.net> writes:
    Lukas> Steve Holmes writes ("Re: listing the most user
    Lukas> friendly apps with emacspeak."):
    >> I'm still looking for a way to launch files from Dired and
    >> still be able to control the launched application.
    >> Example: I activate an mp3 file from Dired and say, it
    >> launches mplayer.  I right now, cannot control mplayer
    >> once it is launched.  Dired still has focus.  Is there any
    >> way to get into mplayer and manipulate it and then quit to
    >> have control go back to Dired?
    Lukas> I do not know a general answer to your problem, but in
    Lukas> the case of mplayer, I use something like the
    Lukas> following in my .emacs file:
    Lukas> (defun ll-dired-do-with-filename (action &rest args)
    Lukas> "Apply action to currently selected filename" (let
    Lukas> ((filename (dired-get-filename nil t))) (if filename
    Lukas> (apply action filename args) (message "No file
    Lukas> selected"))))
    Lukas> (when (featurep 'emacspeak) (define-key dired-mode-map
    Lukas> "\C-cp" (lambda () (interactive)
    Lukas> (ll-dired-do-with-filename 'emacspeak-m-player))))
    Lukas> With this, you can do "C-c p" when on an mp3 file in
    Lukas> dired and the m-player integration of emacspeak will
    Lukas> start. Do "C-h m" then to see the available commands.
    Lukas> If you are only interested in the audio, make sure you
    Lukas> have the "novideo" option set in your mplayer
    Lukas> configuration file. This should prevent it from
    Lukas> stealing focus when launched under X.
    Lukas> Best regards, Lukas
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Best Regards,

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