CMPU-241-51: Analysis of Algorithms (Spring 2023)

Instructor: Prairie Rose Goodwin
Location: Sanders Physics (SP) 105
Hours: Tue/Thu - 1:30 PM - 2:45 PM
Notes: You can not enroll yourself in this course.

We provide a cloud based solution for software needed for this course. However, below are some hints on how to accomplish this on your local laptop. These are “hints” so if you decide to undertake this process, then you are responsible for any issues and resolutions of those issues.

The software that we use is Anaconda and VSCode.

Step 1. Anaconda (Anaconda3)

Do not download and attempt to install the MacOS package, Anaconda3-2022.10-MacOSX-x86_64.pkg, as that seems to fail. Grab the command line (.sh) installer from here:

or, more precisely, use this shell (.sh) installer, the latest of which is

Choose the Python 3.6 version, and select the 64-bit Command Line Installer. It will download to your ~/Downloads folder.

        username@laptop ~% cd Downloads
        username@laptop Downloads % bash ./

Press [Enter] to being the installation and follow the instructions. As usual, take the defaults and do not deviate from the install path. Enter “yes” to accept the license agreement. Press [Enter] to install in the default location, /Users/username/anaconda3.When the install completes, you will always find your environment for Anaconda is automatically loaded when you open a new terminal.

        (base) username@laptop ~%

You can leave the setup like that and use the terminal as usual or if you'd prefer that Anaconda's base environment not be activated on startup, set the auto_activate_base parameter to false.

       (base) username@laptop ~% conda config --set auto_activate_base false

Usually, people skip this and just accept having the (base) name at the front of their terminal window. Now close out the terminal window and open a new one.

Step 2. Install VSCode for MacOS X

The download is available from this website

Open your downloads folder. Duble-click on the zip file to unzip it. and drop the file with the suffix “.app” from Downloads to Applications. When you double click on the application you will be prompted that this application was downloaded from the internet. Are you certain? Click [Yes].

Once the (VS)Code application opens, click the “Extensions” icon in the left, bottom margin. Search for “ms-python.python” (aka Intellisense Python). Click install and it will install not only Python but other things like Jupyter Notebook.

Step 1. Anaconda (Anaconda3)

Download anaconda default windows installer.

Double click on the installer and accept ALL of the defaults.

Step 2. VSCode Installer

Download the MS Windows installer from

After the installer completes, and the application launches, click on “Extensions”. Select “ms-python.python” and click [Install].