Computer Science Department Awards

Established in 1998 by the gift of Janet Holdeen-adams, a long time supporter of computer science at Vassar, this prize is awarded for excellence in the study of computer science and for outstanding participation in the activities of the department. The recipients shall be named each spring by the faculty of the Department of Computer Science. Their names shall be announced at the Vassar Annual Prize Ceremony

1999 Lisa Elaine Smith
2000 Dana Tenneson
2001 Jessica Sarah McMackin
2002 Syed Shafat Zamon
2003 Mohammed Adeel Saleen
2004 Benjamin T. Stull
2005 Joy Kamunyori
2006 Miles Huffman
2007 Patrick Litterst
2008 Nicole Rosard
2009 Gabriela Irina Dumitrescu
2006 David Little prize for “Excellence in CS Research