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Course Title / Syllabus Time Location Faculty
CMPU-101-51 Problem-Solving and Abstraction TR 1030AM-1145AM SP 309 Hunsberger
R 0310PM-0510PM SP 309
CMPU-101-52 Problem-Solving and Abstraction MW 1030AM-1145AM SP 309 Smith
T 0310PM-0510PM SP 309
CMPU-101-53 Problem-Solving and Abstraction MW 1200PM-0115PM SP 309 Walter
M 0310PM-0510PM SP 309
CMPU-101-54 Problem-Solving and Abstraction TR 0900AM-1015AM SP 309 Ellis
F 0900AM-1100AM SP 309
CMPU-101-55 Problem-Solving and Abstraction MW 0900AM-1015AM SP 309 Gordon
F 0100PM-0300PM SP 309
CMPU-102-51 Data Structures and Algorithms TR 1200PM-0115PM SP 309 Ellman
F 1100AM-0100PM SP 309
CMPU-102-52 Computer Science II/Lab (Syllabus) MW 1030AM-1145AM SP 105 Meireles
M 0600PM-0800PM SP 309
CMPU-145-51 Foundations/Computer Science TR 0435PM-0550PM SP 206 Lemieszewski
T 0800PM-1000PM SP 309
CMPU-203-51 Software Design and Implementation TR 1200PM-0115PM SP 105 Pradhan
W 0600PM-0800PM SP 309
CMPU-224-51 Computer Organization TR 0130PM-0245PM SP 309 Waterman
F 0310PM-0510PM SP 309
CMPU-235-51 Programming Languages TR 0900AM-1015AM SP 105 Pradhan
CMPU-240-51 Language Theory and Computation TR 0435PM-0550PM SP 105 Gordon
CMPU-241-51 Analysis of Algorithms MW 0900AM-1015AM SP 105 Walter
CMPU-331-51 Compilers TR 1030AM-1145AM SP 105 Ellis
CMPU-334-51 Operating Systems TR 0600PM-0800PM SP 309 Waterman
CMPU-365-51 Artificial Intelligence TR 0130PM-0245PM SP 105 Hunsberger
CMPU-377-51 Parallel Programming MW 0130PM-0245PM SP 309 Smith
CMPU-378-51 Graphics TR 0310PM-0425PM BLS 101 Ellman