Please follow these conventions for creating your course namespace(directory) and pages(files) in the courses namespace.

You have a few choices to make.  If you want to use the same pages each time you teach a particular course and make modifications to these pages over time then call your new namespace “cs” followed by the 3 digit course number and call your first page “top”.  These are separated by a colon, as in cs325:top.

Alternatively, if you want to have a new namespace for each occurrence of a course, then call your new namespace “cs” followed by the 3 digit course number and the 6 digits representing the year and the semester in the way used on Banner where 01=spring, 02=summer and 03=fall.  Follow this by a colon and the page name for the first page of “top”.  For example cs377-200803:top.

If you are teaching a class with multiple sections and want separate namespaces for each section, then please create a single namespace for the class using one of the 2 conventions listed above and then within that namespace create namespaces for each section.  Currently no one is using this option but in the past on our website we have sections listed for cs101 by instructor.

When you create the page the namespace will be created automatically.  1)

The name of a page that will appear in the index will be whatever you put in the first heading on a page (use the /!H1!/ button in the editor to make the heading).  Until you create a heading the page will appear as “top” in the index.

Enter your desired NAMESPACE:top in the box below or use the Create A Page box in the sidebar:



Pressing /!Add Page!/ will create the page and put you into the editor.  As long as you save some content, the namespace and page will be created.

Before you do that, you might want to have a look at (or open in a separate window) the markup used in our wiki.

You can return here to create new pages and namespaces but once you have a page there are easier ways.  Have a look at the documentation for adding pages

Once you have created you new namespace if you would like it closed off to general access while you are working on it please drop me a note. In that note tell me when you want the access change to occur and who should have access.  It is easy to change a namespace to be accessible only to cs faculty or only to an individual.  Let me know what you want and we'll get it set up.

In fact there is no way to create a namespace without a page in it, dokuwiki will always interpret the last name to be a page name not a namespace name during the creation process and a page and namespace can have the same name. This is because the really don't have the same name.  Pages all have “.txt” appended to them and namespaces are just directories