Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements for a CS correlate?

  • Computer Science 101, 102 and 145; 240 or 241, plus at least one additional 200-level Computer Science course and one graded 300-level Computer Science course. Students are advised to consult with the department to determine the courses most appropriate to their interests. No course numbered 200 or higher may be elected NRO and counted toward the requirements for the correlate.

What prerequisites are needed for CMPU-101?

  • There are no prerequisites for CMPU-101. The course starts with the basics and builds incrementally from there.

What if I've never done any programming before and I'm not very mathematically inclined? Is it possible for me to learn how to program?

  • Certainly! CMPU-101 has weekly lab sessions in which students gain hands-on experience programming. The professor and multiple student coaches are always on hand to assist with any questions that may come up during the lab. This kind of one-on-one guidance has proven to be very helpful.

How do we access software needed to do assignments?

  • Every Computer Science student gets their own CS Department computer account that has access to all of the software used in any CS course.