SVN quick reference

The following is modified from an email sent by Prof. Smith on the use of the command line svn program under linux here at CS

  1. cd on your local machine to where you want your project working directory to be created
  2. enter the command: `` svn co https://OUR_SVN_SERVER/svn/project_myproj ``1)

`` svn status <filename> ``

`` svn status -u ``

`` svn diff <filename> ``

`` svn log [--verbose] <filename> ``

`` svn update ``

`` svn commit -m "description text" ``

Notes on ``svn add``: * by default, svn adds dirs recursively * this command must be followed by a commit! `` svn add <file-or-dir-name> `` ===== More information ===== A great place to start learning more about subversion is While working with subversion you should also remember to take advantage of `` svn help ``.

I am leaving out the name of our svn server to keep it from being gleaned and then attacked. If you forget what it is called please write me or your professor. Sorry for the hassle - Greg