Classroom Sound (Linux podium system)

On your Linux podium desktop:

  • Open a terminal and type 'pavucontrol“; alternatively, Start button –> Sound & Video –> PulseAudio Volume Control
    • On the “Playback” tab, make SURE that “System Sounds” is about 50% or wherever desired.
    • Click on the “Configuration” tab (you may have to increase the size of the window as it is the last tab.
    • In the Built-in Audio section, click the drop down box and select the Digital Stereo (HDMI 3) Output option.

For specific classrooms

  • In SP309, the master volume can be controlled via the Crestron interface
    • Be sure to select Lecturn HDMI on the Crestron Interface
  • In SP105, the master volume can be controlled by the buttons on the wall plate. Here is a doc for configuring the computer.