Frozen Machine!

If you have a process, a window, or a machine that seems to have “frozen” while you were working on it, became “stuck,” is not responding to the keyboard or mouse, or is spewing out garbage into a window here is what you can try. If the steps below don't work, please get more help! Either ask a coach, an instructor or find or write me. Please don't just walk away -Ben

Our lab machines are totaly dependent on the network. If they can't reach the network they can't see the files and programs you were just working with. Even if you have not tried to load or save, the machine may be doing an automated save or trying to read or write part of a program or file.

If your workstation isn't responding, the first thing to check is that the Ethernet cable is plugged in securely. Try the connection at the computer and follow it back to the connection at the wall. If either is loose, push it back in. If the clip is broken or the cable lookes damaged get me! Once you restore a conection it may take a few seconds for things to start working. If the connection was not the problem, read on.

If the ethernet cable is secure, then perhaps there is a process that is hogging the machine. If you can find it and kill it, the machine will return to normal.

Have a look at the wiki page kill_a_process and see if you can free up the machine. If any terminal or windows are responding I strongly suggest closing whatever applications you can before trying this, but it realy does work and work well, so check it out.

If you have been unable to fix it please let me know! I can't fix it if I don't know it's broken! Please send me a note with a few details.

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