When you start or launch any JetBrains software installed on a lab, classroom or office computer managed by the Computer Science Department, the computer is configured to look for our local, JetBrains license server to request a license for that software.

If it successfully obtains a license from that server, then the application may either start and be ready to use, or it will start in a state where you need to check off a box to accept the JetBrains User Agreement and click [Continue]. If you had to accept the User Agreement this means this is probably the first time you are using this product on a computer managed by the department. The next screen that follows will prompt you to indicate if you want to send debug information back to JetBrains. We recommend not doing this and click [Skip for now]. At this point the application is ready to use.

If you receive a message that no license is available, then use the following address for the license server:


Note: For your personal device, as a student or faculty member, you can apply for a free license from JetBrains.