To enable the printer, on the linux cmd line:

  • cd ~
  • mkdir .cups
  • cd .cups
  • echo 'User 999nnnnnn' > client.conf (ensure that single quotes are used your 999 is entered)
  • chmod 400 client.conf (ensure that you can only read the file)

In lieu of creating a client.conf file, the printing command can be specified on a terminal line:

  • lpr -U 999nnnnnn the.file

The Asprey printer …

  • is to be used for Computer Science Lab / Homework ONLY
  • is limited to a maximum of 5 page(s) per job
  • Please note that the print logs are monitored.

The Asprey lab printer should be the default printer on lab and classroom workstations. You can double-check this by entering:

  • lpstat -t

To print to the Asprey lab printer from the command line, enter this (replacing “filename.ext” with your actual file):

  • lpr filename.ext

For more info, check the manual page for lpr:

  • man lpr

You may print to any vprint printer (the larger printers provided by the college) from your linux account. There is a vprint printer on the 2nd floor of Sanders Physics. Add -P vprint to your print command. For example:

  • lpr -P vprint filename.ext

Alternatively, you can open any browser and go to My Print Center, , logging in with your 999nnnnnn Vassar College ID number and NO PASSWORD, and then upload the files.

If you go to print and the printer selection window opens and keeps flashing, then there is something within either the document or the app that is not working with the Linux print system and we need to look into that. In the meantime, in order to print your document please click on “Menu” in the upper left hand corner of menu bar at the top of the Linux desktop and search for “LibreOffice”. A side menu opens with several LibreOffice applications. Select the general “LibreOffice”. After it launches, open your file and print from this application.