The Asprey printer …

  • is to be used for Computer Science Lab / Homework ONLY
  • is limited to a maximum of 5 page(s) per job
  • Please note that the print logs are monitored.

You may print to any vprint printer from your linux account. There is a vprint printer on the 2nd floor of Sanders Physics.

To enable the printer, on the linux cmd line:

  • cd ~
  • mkdir .cups
  • cd .cups
  • echo 'User 999nnnnnn' > client.conf (ensure that single quotes are used your 999 is entered)
  • chmod 400 client.conf (ensure that you can only read the file)

In lieu of creating a client.conf file, the printing command can be specified on a terminal line:

  • lpr -U 999nnnnnn-P vprint the.file