Computer Science linux accounts conform to CIS's password policy:

A strong password contains:

  • at least 16 characters
  • a mix of letters, numbers and special characters
  • mIxED caSE


Login passwords can be changed after you log in using the

                            Menu --> All -->  About Me 
       This pops up a message box "About [Firstname] [Last Name]".
       Click [Change Password].
        Enter the current password and click [Authenticate] to verify. 
        Enter the new password.
        Retype new password.
        Click [Change password]

Once you are notified that this succeeded,

        Click [Close] on the "Change password" pop-up box.
        Click [Close] on the "About me" pop-up box. 
        Log out of the system and back in with your new password.

Changing your password occasionally is a good practice and is something that is enforced in many environments.

Two ways to change password:

  • enter passwd on the linux cmd line in a terminal window

Note: When you type your characters are not echoed back to the terminal. You will see nothing, not even a cursor. The entire session, if completed successfully, will look as follows: