1. Why do I get bumped off after 4 - 5 hours?

There is a time limit on the connection because several people have forgotten to log out and left their user home account files open and tied to remote system. Therefore a timer will kick you off after four or five hours to close all of your applications and files for you so that your files are not corrupted. Save your work often! Close all of your applications and disconnect or logout when you are done or need to take a break.

2. When I try to connect to some systems why do I get a pop-up message box about “CONNECTION ERROR”?

   This connection is currently in use, and concurrent access to this
   connection is not allowed. Please try again later.
   [Home] [Reconnect] [Logout]

Several users always choose the same system so a limit has been placed on the number of people that can connect to one system at any given time. This prevents too many users from trying to use the same computer. Each of these lab or classroom computers can support multiple users but they don't have enough resources to support a crowd of people.

3. What does it mean if I try to login to the remote webUI and I see a pop-up as follows

     Connection Log
     connecting to sesman ip port 3350
     sesman connect ok
     sending login info to session manager, please wait...
     login failed for display 0

This means your login failed. Most likely your password has expired. Contact the Computer Science Department Systems Administrator and give them this error message and ask them to check your password to see if it expired or if your account is locked, e.g. from too many failed login attempts.