kroc install notes

* Installed packages on martha listed on the debian install page

* then grabbed “latest stable” with svn

 svn co kroc-svn

which claims to be revison 6412

Did build (can always redo it later) with

./build --prefix=/opt/kroc

build “failed” because I could not write to /opt, so it expects to be run in one go and as root. Instead I created /opt/kroc and made myself the owner for now. Once it finishes I will correct ownership and permissions.

Second time it finished the build/install. I then checked if any programs were setuid or setgid, there were none. So, I did:

sudo chown -R root /opt/kroc
sudo chgroup -R nogroup /opt/kroc
sudo find /opt/kroc -type d|xargs chmod 755


Did the svn co, version 6993

did build with an install location of /usr/local/share/kroc

simlinked man pages and put into /usr/local/bin