Synchronization with your CS account from Windows

/!NOTE this is the beginning of a page on this topic, this information is incomplete at this time -Greg !/


- get it

get latest (not from

Please note that as of this writing 4.05 was the latest version that had cwRsync, there is a 4.06 cwRsyncServer but not a 4.06 cwRsync (client).

- install it


run the installer

open up command line prompt: Start → Accessories → Command Prompt or Start → Run → ``cmd``

At the prompt add cwRsync to your windows path:

path = %PATH%;c:\Program Files\cwRsync\bin

Don't close the Command Prompt window as you will need it in the next step

- add ssh keys

Create a .ssh directory to store your keys in

mkdir …

Create the Key. Issue the command: ssh-keygen -f /cygdrive/c/“Documents and Settings/USER/.ssh/id_rsa -t rsa -N '' (Please note those are two single quotes)