CS Servers

Date Number installed Disks Space
NAME type In Srv CPU & speed memory #xSize,type tot/used Function
Pacific x3650 2007.1 Xeon 4x3gig 12gig 6x73g,sas 272/135 Serves Virtual Hosts
mote33x3650 2007.1 Xeon 4x3gig 8gig 2x73g,sas 57/35 Remote account access via ssh/vnc
Atlantic x330 -2004 PIII 2×1.4g 4gig 2x36g,scsi 68/25 Serves Virtual Hosts 1)
Brick x330 -2004 PIII 2x1gig 1gig 2x36g,scsi 68/4 Firewall2)
mr42 x330 -2002 PIII 1x1gig 1gig 2x9gig,scsi 16/5 Web (squid) proxy3)
mail x330 -2004 PIII 2×1.4g 3gig 2x36g,scsi 32/5 Mail(webmail/pop/imap)4)
Files x36502008.11 Xeon 4×2.6g 12gig 6x73g,sas 272/140 user home space, master /usr/local file server
Filer x346 -2006 Xeon 4×3.6g 8gig 6x146g,u320 405/102 user home space file server
Filest x3550 2008.11 Xeon 4x2gig 6gig2×146,sas 120/62 Primary System Maps, NTP, mirror of /usr/local file server
munin thecus2007.12 Celeron 600MHz 256meg5x,sata 1.4T/1T Incremental Backups
Name UpFunction
dhcp01 Primary DNS, dhcp and backup NTP for cs.vassar.edu
ns2Seconday DNS, backup dhcp for cs.vassar.edu
ratatoskJabber (xmpp) server
liam Seconday web servers (currently hosting +10 projects including the www.ccas.vassar.edu
raven system monitoring and system performace collection
spooler CUPS - print spooler
www web server for www.cs.vassar.edu wiki and web site
version revision control server
yipe Secondary server for shaired system maps
icgl conference server - on as needed for conferences
yoursql local mysql server - on as needed for projects or courses
condor01 test head node for condor grid computing cluster
tomcat tomcat server - on as needed for course work
Name type cpu # speed Function
Spaceserver cluster Opteron 16x2gig Parallel processing course and reseach 5)
Aiptasia x235 Xeon 4x3gig Aiptasia Wiki6)
anc x335 Xeon 2x3gig web server www.anc.org 7)
bioinf cluster Opteron 16×2.4g In use for bioinformatics course and research 8)

Atlantic needs to be replaced ASAP
Brick exposed to high heat - needs to be replaced soon
mr42 should be decommissioned as soon as functions moved to new virtual
mail exposed to high heat - should be decommissioned as soon as functions moved to new virtual
Spaceserver - some functions will be taken over by other department clusters as they are implimented
should be migrated to newer hardware as it becomes available
ANC replacement on order
Bioinf - many functions will be taken over by the CCAS cluster machine