Using the script /usr/local/sbin/dbc

Dropbox check script

This script is used to look at information from file names created by the submit script used by the digital drop box. It assumes English month names (January, February, etc.) and cannot deal with spaces. It prints out the encrypted information in a readable format.

In order to use this, you need to add a .supertab file in the course directory. This file will allow certain people to use the command super. If one already exists, you can add to it without creating a new one. (see man


check “/usr/local/sbin/dbc csXXX” USER1|:Group[,USER2][,USER3][,:GROUP] …

where csXXX is the course account name and USER or GROUP is the list of allowed users or groups. This line is in the form
command name, full path to command, and who is allowed to use the command. In the example above, those allowed would call the command check. You can call it anything you want. The name typed by users does not have to be the original command name.

Once a user is in the /home/csXXX/.supertab file, they can use this script. To look for any dropbox directories with the string lab in their names, they would enter:

super csXXX:check lab

The supertab file can be used to allow any user or group to execute commands as another user. You can use this to allow student coaches to execute any commands you choose as the course account by editing or creating a .supertab file in that account.