The Grace Hopper '28 Home Page

gracehopper.jpg Grace Murray (1906-1992) was a Math/Physics major at Vassar who graduated Phi Beta Kappa in 1928. She stayed at Vassar to teach, and became Grace Murray Hopper in 1930, after marrying Vincent Hopper. With the help of a Vassar College Fellowship, she went to Yale for graduate school, earning her Ph.D. in 1934. She remained at Vassar until 1943, inspiring many students including Winifred Asprey '38, who brought computers to Vassar and founded the computer science program here.

Grace Hopper's legacy lives on at Vassar College's computer science department. While a faculty member here, she built a house on campus, which was later inhabited by her student, Winifred Asprey '38, until her death at age 90 in October, 2007. While her many achievments are remarkable, she is best known in Computer Science as the inventor of the compiler.

Dr. Hopper is perhaps most notorious for coining the term, “bug,” to describe a problem with a computer, based on her discovery of a moth in a relay panel.

Here are some photos of Grace we have compiled.
(Note: some of the images are large, but it will be time well spent!)