Summer 2012 Power Shutdown

On Saturday, August 4th Buildings & Grounds will be performing maintenance and a safety review of electrical equipment on campus. This outage will affect power to Old Laundry Building as well as disable our network access and air conditioning. Because of this all services will be shutdown Friday night at 8:00 pm. Services are expected to be turned on again around 8:00 pm Saturday night, assuming that electricity, network connections and air conditioning are all available.

This outage will include:

  • All desktops and lab machines
  • All file servers
  • Mote33
  • Mail
  • All CS-hosted websites (Computer Science, CCAS, …)
  • AiptasiaBase
  • Development servers
  • Subversion
  • YourSQL

This outage is not supposed to affect Junior or ANC equipment hosted in Computer Information Services, though some services will be affected if DNS names are not cached.

The CS email server will be down and not accepting new messages during this outage. Due to the nature of how email transportation works the messages that would be sent during this period will still be received once our server is back.

Everyone is encouraged to defrost any refrigerators in their offices and dispose of perishable supplies.

Details of the actual maintenance can be found on the official B&G announcement. Updates may be available at Contact Ben with any other concerns, his Vassar email address is bestoutenburgh AT vassar DOT edu.