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Re: [Fwd: Emacspeak with doubletalk LT. "process speaker not running" on gentoo]


I notice there are some espeak rpms for fedora core X. (when I google for it)

The reason we choose doubletalk is that the emacspeak that ships with RHEL 4 didn't come with any speech ability. and the IBM software synthesizer stopped working around red hat 8.0 timeframe. And we had to upgrade from red hat 7.3 to red hat 9. Then we had to upgrade to RHEL 3. Then RHEL 4. ...Soon RHEL 5.

Does espeak project have a home page? If I could get a source rpm I could try to see if I could make it work. I get the impression a lot of former emacspeak people ditched Red Hat for other distros?

Then again maybe Red Hat will ship an emacspeak package that is actually already configured to use the built in speech synthesizer. I notice gnopernicus system works just fine with it.

BTW, Red Hat ships version emacspeak-17.0-7 with their RHEL 4 distro.

Many thanks,

On Wed, 7 Mar 2007, Tim Cross wrote:

I would highly recommend checking out espeak. It is a high quality free tts
engine and would provide a good solution which avoids the need for external
hardware to support emacspeak. As it looks like it will become a supported TTS
engine, it will likely stay more current than the double talk, which is still
good, but not part of emacspeak and therefore tends to lag a little behind when
any changes affecting the interface occur (though these are rare).


Thank you for the information. We are providing Emacspeak to students on
our Red Hat Linux lab machines at North Carolina State University and we
use doubletalk LT. here with it because they could still be purchased
from the manufacturer. This information might be useful to us when RHEL 5
comes out.

(Running RHEL 4 this semester)


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