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Re: [Fwd: Emacspeak with doubletalk LT. "process speaker not running" on gentoo]

Gary Gatling writes ("Re: [Fwd: Emacspeak with doubletalk LT. "process speaker not running" on gentoo]"):
> The reason we choose doubletalk is that the emacspeak that ships with 
> RHEL 4 didn't come with any speech ability. and the IBM 
> software synthesizer stopped working around red hat 8.0 timeframe. And we 
> had to upgrade from red hat 7.3 to red hat 9. Then we had to upgrade to 
> RHEL 3. Then RHEL 4. ...Soon RHEL 5.

Concerning the vailability of ViaVoice, you might be interested in the
following announcement:


>From what I hear, emacspeak will hopefully be one of the supported applications.

moreover, WizardSoft sells ViaVoice SDKs for about $300 which probably
allow you to just use the product. I would guess the $300 includes more
than one runtime licence, so this might be an option in a lab

> Does espeak project have a home page? 


>If I could get a source rpm I
> could try to see if I could make it work. 

Compiling espeak from source is very straightforward. You will need
portaudio as well. On some systems, there are currently some issues
with portaudio and Alsa support, but as long as you are only using
espeak and no other program that uses the sound card, you are not
affected by this problem.

Best regards, Lukas

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