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Re: CLI versus GUI [was "Re: The great software speech server hunt"]

I agree it's not a matter of one versus the other, but I don't think
it's true that GUI presupposes CLI or that mouse presupposes keyboards.
There are multiple devices out there now, tablets and cell phones for
example, which have a GUI and a touch pad but no keyboard and maybe no
CLI either. If the GUI had absolutely no advantage over a CLI then why
is it so popular? Maybe we're talking about just software development,
but GUI development environments, like Eclipse, are also very popular,
and I can't imagine this would be the case if they had nothing to offer.
IMHO, I think both the CLI and the GUI have their place, for blind and
sighted computer users alike. I'd also like to see the parameters of
this study, but as I said earlier, I am dubious that the blind are
somehow disadvantaged when using a GUI other than regarding issues of

On 29/01/12 11:38, Jude DaShiell wrote:
> It's not even a matter of versus.  G.U.I. cannot exist without C.L.I.  
> Neither can mouse live without keyboard.  Use of C.L.I. and keyboard 
> even in xp helps technicians repair problems they either cannot repair 
> with G.U.I. or the problems would take too long to repair with G.U.I.
> When doing G.U.I. programming accessibility isn't all that's needed.  
> Mmeory of vision and the more of it is better than less is what's also 
> needed.  I've ben using windows at work from 1995 to the present and 
> started out with windows 3.11 and I've come to the conclusion which 
> other former dos users who are my colleagues also agree with that 
> nothing more is being accomplished with G.U.I. than was being 
> accomplished by dos in the years past.  That includes inacessibility, 
> Microsoft word for dos and a flowchart program by patent software and 
> xtalk otherwise known as crosstalk were three examples some were using 
> before windows came into our workplace.  I use windows at home as little 
> as possible and suppose I'll be able to do development with it with the 
> linux clones rather than anything Microsoft produced.  I don't consider 
> any activity done with any part of any version of Microsoft Office as 
> development either.  Ruby on the other hand would classify as 
> development as would python and java.  I was able to do some development 
> with the visualbasic interface of dot net, but that was console-based 
> only.  I tried G.U.I. and found it way more complex than console-based 
> programming just to get the simplest projects done.  I didn't get into 
> anything more complex because shortly after I finished the first of the 
> simplest G.U.I. projects I read the email about that study.
> On Sun, 29 Jan 2012, Christopher Chaltain wrote:
>> I'd be curious to take a look at this study myself, although I'm a bit
>> dubious. I've been using the GUI since 1991 when Screen Reader/2 came
>> out for OS/2, and given the proper accessibility, I think the blind can
>> get the same advantages from the GUI that the sighted get. I'm also
>> curious if this article implies that the blind are somehow disadvantaged
>> when using the GUI. IMHO, the CLI and the GUI each have there advantages
>> and disadvantages, and whether you prefer one over the other depends on
>> who you are, how you use your computer and what you'll be using it for.
>> This is true for the blind and the sighted alike.
>> On 28/01/12 23:03, Jude DaShiell wrote:
>>> Not in my files any longer.  I think I was so shocked when I read that 
>>> message I forgot to save it but did forward it to another person who is 
>>> very interested in accessibility and ways it is and isn't accomplished.
>>> On Sun, 29 Jan 2012, Jason White wrote:
>>>> Jude DaShiell <jdashiel@shellworld.net> wrote:
>>>>> I have been fully blind from birth and that's why I do better with 
>>>>> C.L.I. than G.U.I. too acording to a study released a few years ago from 
>>>>> R.N.I.B. 
>>>> Do you have a reference to the study mentioned above?
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Christopher (CJ)

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