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Re: Rewrite of "advice for new user"

   RJC> Also, Pierre Lorenzon <lorenzon@math.u-psud.fr> just wrote that
   RJC> he has made emacspeak speak both French and English with the
   RJC> festival speech synthesizer and the Mbrola voices.

   My ambitions do no go so far! First off all, i am not a programmer.

But you are already using a Russian-enabled Emacspeak!  That means
much of the work is done.

Perhaps someone one on this list can pull together a package to
provide French, Russian, and English text-to-speech conversion in one
instance of Emacspeak, using only software converters!

   When i said that i want to do "something similar" i just meant writing
   some introductory hints for using emacspeak.

Please do, presuming the licenses permit people to use
freephone&mbrola for English and ru_tts for Russian.

Please look that the programs' licenses.

I hate to say it, but these legal issues matter.  So long as a country
is seen as a failure, no one will try to enforce licensing
restrictions; but once a country looks that it may succeed, then
licenses matter.  I have been told that in Russia, many people use
software without paying attention to the license.  Individuals can get
away with this; and so long as the Russia is perceived as a failure,
like Cameroon in Africa, companies, universities, and government
agencies will also be able to ignore licenses.  But when Russia is
perceived as a success, or as a potential success, then licenses
become important.  People have told me this has happened in Malaysia
and Brazil, but not in Cameroon.  I don't know the situation in
Russia, but it may well be perceived as a success or potential

And in any event, if people like me are to use, copy, study, modify,
and redistribute the software, we must have the legal right to do so.

   I am a newbye to linux. I installed and started using it just in
   February. I am using emacspeak with a so called 'multilingual

This is excellent, because you will remember, and be able to write
about, how you learned!

   If you are interested in using Russian in emacspeak then go to the
   following ftp site:


I did and started downloading the Debian files but failed.  

After downloading two files successfully, I saw this message:

    The server refuses login.

This is what a session looked like:

 $ wget -c ftp://ftp.rakurs.spb.ru/pub/Goga/debian-packages/binaries/mbrola-en1_19980910-1_all.deb
--16:21:35--  ftp://ftp.rakurs.spb.ru/pub/Goga/debian-packages/binaries/mbrola-en1_19980910-1_all.deb
           => `mbrola-en1_19980910-1_all.deb'
Resolving ftp.rakurs.spb.ru... done.
Connecting to ftp.rakurs.spb.ru[]:21... connected.
Logging in as anonymous ...
The server refuses login.

I could not download:


Also, where are the sources for the mbrola and ru-tts files?  I only
saw sources for the freephone and multispeech files.

   RJC> I last studied Russian in 1964 and have forgotten almost
   RJC> everything. ....

   Very interesting! If you get your emacspeak working with Russian, then
   we could talk in Russian by email?!

Yes, if I relearn enough.... which I would hope to do.

    Robert J. Chassell                         Rattlesnake Enterprises
    http://www.rattlesnake.com                  GnuPG Key ID: 004B4AC8
    http://www.teak.cc                             bob@rattlesnake.com

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