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Re: question about emacspeak-websearch

Evonne --
No, you didn't cause any trouble, 
and emacspeak-w3 changing browse-url-browser-function at load time was
definitely something that needed to go away.

--Raman >>>>> "Yvonne" == Yvonne Thomson <yvonne@thewatch.net> writes:

    Yvonne> At Fri, 26 Sep 2003 20:05:27 -0700, T V Raman wrote:
    >> Those ines of code in emacspeak-websearch deserved to be
    >> deleted and are now gone.
    Yvonne> Thanks for that.

    >> However your assertion that its presence meant that you
    >> couldn't use emacspeak-websearch unless w3 was installed was
    >> incorrect-- it set up browse-url to use W3 if and only if W3
    >> was installed.
    Yvonne> *sigh* I didn't say that. Or at least, if I did, I didn't
    Yvonne> mean that.  I've been using emacspeak for more than enough
    Yvonne> years to be aware of the w3 vs w3m problem. I.e. w3 has
    Yvonne> the features but, on my setup, takes way, way too long to
    Yvonne> display web pages. Therefore, it's a productivity trade
    Yvonne> off for me.  My only argument was, and is still, that I
    Yvonne> did *not* want emacspeak to change my browse-url setting
    Yvonne> unless I asked it to or I changed it myself. My primary
    Yvonne> web browser is w3m. I will occasionally use w3 if, and
    Yvonne> that's usually a big if, I need the advanced features,
    Yvonne> hence it's installed. As far as I know, the xslt stuff is
    Yvonne> still in the emacspeak-w3 file anyway, therefore it's
    Yvonne> messy not to have both browsers installed. I had no
    Yvonne> intention of causing all this trouble, I swear I didn't. I
    Yvonne> think my ability to explain myself must've been thrown out
    Yvonne> the window in the last couple of days or something.

    >> Note that some of emacspeak-websearch's functionality --in fact
    >> quite a lot of its advanced functionality-- may not work with
    >> w3m --
    Yvonne> That's probably the case, yes. For good or for evil,
    Yvonne> though, I don't use most of emacspeak-websearch's
    Yvonne> functionallity. I would say 99.9% of my use of it involves
    Yvonne> nothing more than calling google with a single keystroke
    Yvonne> combination. About the only advanced functionality
    Yvonne> involved there seems to be the ability of emacspeak to
    Yvonne> jump down to the search results, bypassing the stuff up
    Yvonne> the top. Since I really don't find going down a couple of
    Yvonne> lines to get to my search results all that inconvenient, I
    Yvonne> don't think that's exactly something I'll miss.

    Yvonne> I honestly think next time, I'll just comment out the
    Yvonne> lines, and not say a thing about it. It was a minor
    Yvonne> inconvenience to me that I asked about the reason for,
    Yvonne> that's all. I'll try, very very hard, to make my
    Yvonne> explanation clearer next time if I need to ask such a
    Yvonne> question again.

Best Regards,

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