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Re: Registering your nick name with freenode

IRC channels always disappear when everyone leaves 

>>>>> "Lukas" == Lukas Loehrer <listaddr1@gmx.net> writes:
    Lukas> T. V. Raman writes ("Re: Setting up the erc IRC
    Lukas> client"):
    >> freenode appears to require a password -- how did you get
    >> an account?
    Lukas> The password is only needed if you want to use a
    Lukas> registered nick name. You can log in with a blank
    Lukas> password otherwise. The point in registering your nick
    Lukas> name is to ensure that no one else can assume it. I
    Lukas> pasted below the part about nickname registration from
    Lukas> the freenode faq [1].  Anything from point 3 onwards
    Lukas> seems to be optional, as I did not know about it when
    Lukas> I set up my nick name.
    Lukas> One thing I could not figure out yet is how to prevent
    Lukas> the channel from disappearing when the last person has
    Lukas> left. This is probably not a big problem as this
    Lukas> channel is not likely to be hijacked. Also, it does
    Lukas> not appear in the channel /list.
    Lukas> Best regards, Lukas
    Lukas> [1] http://freenode.net/faq.shtml
    Lukas> Pasted from the link above:
    Lukas>                              * What is the recommended
    Lukas> way to set up my IRC nickname? Please follow these
    Lukas> steps to set up your nick and configure your client.
    Lukas> Check off each step to make sure it's been done:
    Lukas>                                 1. Select a permanent,
    Lukas> master nickname.  Keep in mind the registered user
    Lukas> name policy changes and try to pick a simple
    Lukas> alphanumeric nickname for your basename, so that you
    Lukas> won't lose your nickname reservation when the policy
    Lukas> changes go into effect. If the nickname you want is
    Lukas> registered but has not been used for at least 60 days,
    Lukas> just ask a staffer and we'll be happy to drop it for
    Lukas> you.
    Lukas>                                    Please avoid using
    Lukas> the name of a community project or trademarked entity,
    Lukas> to avoid conflicts. Write down your password and be
    Lukas> sure to keep the sheet of paper in a safe place.
    Lukas>                                 2. Register your IRC
    Lukas> nick:
    Lukas>                                        /msg nickserv
    Lukas> register <your-password>
    Lukas>                                 3. Add a valid email
    Lukas> address to your primary nickserv entry so that we have
    Lukas> a way to reset your password, and so that we have it
    Lukas> in case you want an 'unaffiliated' cloak. To keep your
    Lukas> email address private, rather than displaying it
    Lukas> publicly, first mark it as hidden:
    Lukas>                                        /msg nickserv
    Lukas> set hide email on
    Lukas>                                    Then set the email
    Lukas> address:
    Lukas>                                        /msg nickserv
    Lukas> set email <your-email-address>
    Lukas>                                 4. Register an
    Lukas> alternate IRC nick, using the same password. This will
    Lukas> ensure that you have a way to get online as a
    Lukas> registered user (keeping any cloak you may have) in
    Lukas> case your nick becomes frozen (a "ghost"). Many
    Lukas> clients will automatically add an underline to your
    Lukas> nick at connect time if the nick you specify is
    Lukas> unavailable. If you register the underlined nick,
    Lukas> it'll help make that process work more smoothly. For
    Lukas> example, if your primary nick is foo, register foo_ as
    Lukas> your alternate if you can.
    Lukas>                                 5. While using your
    Lukas> alternate nick, link it to your primary nick:
    Lukas>                                        /msg nickserv
    Lukas> link <primary-nick> <your-password>
    Lukas>                                    This will document
    Lukas> that both nicks are owned by the same person, and will
    Lukas> allow services to leave you identified (and cloaked)
    Lukas> if you switch from your primary nick to your alternate
    Lukas> and vice-versa.

Best Regards,

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