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Re: setting punctuation mode globally does not seem to stick

The default for this is a difficult choice.

I added a special option for w3 a while back so that you can
customize the default punct mode for w3 buffers --- but I  have
never been able to convince myself of a good set of defaults,
which is why I've never hard-coded in the defaults, or created
lots of custom options.For the record     
this is also why command dtk-toggle-punctuation-mode exists --
and in most modes, I bind it to [delete]  since I use [del] to
delete characters backward and c-d to delete char under point.

>>>>> "Robert" == Robert D Crawford <rdc1x@comcast.net> writes:
    Robert> Lukas Loehrer <listaddr1@gmx.net> writes:
    >> Same thing here. Because I start emacs rarely thanks to
    >> software suspend, I did not bother yet to investigate the
    >> cause of this.  I start emacspeak as early as possible in
    >> the emacs start process in
    >> /etc/emacs/site-start.d/10emacspeak.el
    Robert> This is the "debian" way, right?  I have my emacs
    Robert> setup in $HOME and that is the only place where code
    Robert> goes, save for the outloud stuff which is installed
    Robert> in the default locations.
    >> Maybe, it helps setting the speech rate again somewhere
    >> towards the end of .emacs.
    Robert> I'll try this later on and see if it solves the
    Robert> problem.
    >> About your punctuation problems: You propbably know this
    >> already but at least for w3m, emacspeak sets the
    >> punctuation mode to "some" in the advice for w3m-mode,
    >> regardless what the global settings are. Maybe, a similar
    >> things is going on in your case.
    Robert> I took a look in the emacspeak-gnus.el file and
    Robert> nothing is done with the punctuation mode.  I have
    Robert> added the code to set it in the various mode hooks
    Robert> and will be sending a patch after a few days... just
    Robert> to see if there are any unintended effects.  I would
    Robert> like to get Dr. Ramen's opinion on this, but do think
    Robert> it would be useful or necessary to give the option
    Robert> for the default punctuation mode to be set by the
    Robert> user?  I tend to use 'some' for everything but
    Robert> sourcecode, but I might be in the minority.
    Robert> Thanks, rdc -- Robert D. Crawford rdc1x@comcast.net
    Robert> Debian Hint #6: There is no hint #6.
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